Cleft Lip Surgeries - (April, 2016 - March, 2017)

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Cleft Lip Surgeries through GSR Hospital Hyderabad (April, 2016 - March, 2017)

Let the Children Smile:

Foundation for Children in Need is pleased to share that we are coordinating Free Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate Surgeries every month at GSR Hospital, Hyderabad. Dr. Srinivas Reddy Gosla and his team have done 25,000 surgeries in the past 20 years and are performing 1500 surgeries a year.

The surgeries are totally free. The children and the parents are provide with accommodation, food and travel expenses. Please spread the word about this wonderful opportunity so that the needy children can benefit.

Please contact FCN coordinator: T. Shoury at 8333097172 or

Dr. Geetha and Tom Chitta Co-Founders of Foundation for Children in Need