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From The Heart:

Bhavana Paleti is studying 4th class. She stays in the hostel. Her native village is Agraharam near Kalasapadu in Kadapa District. Her father died 2 years ago due to heart attack. Her mother Rani is a daily worker. She works in the field along with agricultural laborers. Bhavana has a brother Hemanth studying 6th grade and a sister Sireesha studying 9th grade. When her mother was struggling FCN came forward to Bhavana with sponsorship. She is able to continue education because of the support of FCN.

Nagajyothi Akki is studying 1st class. Her father died one year ago due to Jaundice. She lives with her mother at home and comes to school each day. She has a brother Nagendra who is in 2nd class. Her mother Sudhakshna is running a small shop with daily commodities. With the help of FCN Nagajyothi and her brother are able to go to school.

Priyanka Sirivella is studying 8th class. Her father died 3 years ago due to Jaundice.  She is staying in the hostel. Her mother Subbalakshmi is a day laborer. She goes out to work in the field for the maintenance of the family. Priyanka has a sister Tejaswani. She is studying 5th grade. FCN has come to their rescue and supporting for their education.

Chandrapal Vallur lost his mother as he came to the world. In-order to bring up the infant his father sold off his belongings. At the age of five Chandrapal was left with his uncle so that his father could go for his livelihood. Unfortunately one day Chandrapal got an electrocution by touching the dish antenna. His right hand and left leg were badly affected and it caused amputation. Now he is supported by an artificial limb. Now he can walk, play dance and he is very happy too. He is doing 6th class and stays at Nirmala Home in Mydukur in Kadapa District.

Shambhavi Bjoompaka’s father was working as an auto driver. He is suffering from kidney disease and is not able to do any job now. He is very thin and frail. Shambavi’s mother Renuka does petty jobs and earns a little. Shambavi’s elder brother Himavath is in 10th Class. Shambavi is in 9th class and is hard working. She is energetic but because of the family problems Shambavi’s interest in her studies came down. Her health also spoiled. During this time FCN Sponsorship encouraged Shambavi. She got a new hope. Now she is able to continue her studies without any hardship.

Pavan Kalyan Reddy Annareddy is studying 8th class. He is staying in the hostel. His native village is Bramhanapalli near Kalasapadu in Kadapa District. His mother died with severe stomach pain 5 years ago. His father Venkata Reddy is a day laborer. He goes for loading and unloading of cement, sand and cement bricks. Pavan Kalyan has a brother Vijay Kumar studying 6th class. When their father was finding it difficult to educate both the sons FCN came forward to sponsor.

Jyothi Buchupalli. I come from a very poor family. My parents could not continue my education. Dr. Geetha and Tom Chitta and FCN came to my rescue. Today I have completed Bachelor of Science in nursing and am able to get a job. I am ever grateful to my sponsors and FCN. There will never be a day without thinking of them and praying for them.

Shiva Kumar Kattimani 's father, Mohan Rao died of heart attack when he was very small. His mother, Mahalakshumamma is taking care of her children and goes for daily work. Shiva has five siblings, three elder and two younger brothers. Shiva's two brothers earn a little. With this meager amount the family struggles. Education, clothes and food was a distant dream for the family. Shiva's brother Eshwaraju is doing his Inter 2nd year. Shiva's younger brothers Govardhan and Suresh are studying 5th class. They are struggling hard to provide food and education. When they lost all their hope FCN Sponsorship lit a light in their dark life. Through Sponsorship Shiva is now able to continue his studies without any hindrance.

I am Nagasree and I just cannot even imagine my life without FCN. I lost my mother at a very tender age. My mother committed suicide. My father did not bother about us and my brother and I were left all alone. My Grandmother took us under her wings and struggled to take care of us. In 2004 my brother and myself went to CSRM school supported by FCN. Today I have completed ANM course and am working at a clinic. My brother is able to continue his college education through FCN. We are very grateful for the education we got.

My name is Siva Kumar Vadde. I am studying 10th grade. My father is working as a blacksmith. I am being sponsored by Richard Cook since 2008.I never expected that I will come to this stage. I am thankful to my sponsor and FCN family members. I pray God to shower His blessings upon them.

Subbamma Nalagondu is a sweet smiling girl affected with muscular dystrophy.  She was able to walk till the age of five and slowly she started to fall while walking.  Later on her muscles became weaker and her movement was restricted.  Now she is totally dependent on others for mobility and for daily activities.   Now she is 17 years and passed 10th grade and learning needle work but she is unable to do most of the activities.  Subbamma’s elder sister also is a challenged girl with same disability.  Her parents are day laborers.  She lives in Nirmala Home at Mydukur in Kadapa District.

I am Dhanamma Medichetti, born near Thirupathi.  My parents died when I was very small. My sister and I never went to school. We worked in the farm of our neighbors for years.  My husband died forty five years back due to heart failure. I have no children.   I was left alone in poverty. Life had been a real struggle for me in the following years. I suffered from high blood pressure. I stayed with my widowed sister for some years. She worked as an agricultural laborer. I found that she was struggling to take care of her family. I left her home and went around for help for few years and finally came to St. Xavier’s home for the Aged. I live in this home since 10 years with delight. This home houses nearly 30 needy and deprived seniors. The food, shelter, medical care and clothing provided to us are always excellent. We pray together as one community and eat together as one family. We share the little work with flexibility and cheer. The friendly atmosphere and the full grown trees around this home hold us up with joy and peace. We don’t have sufficient words to thank all the FCN sponsors and donors for caring and supporting our extended Family.

My name is Kamalamma Jekkam. I am 72 years old. I grew up like many other uneducated women in an extremely poor family. I never had the opportunity of going to school. My Parents worked as agricultural day laborers and did not have a stable income and lived always in poverty. They passed away from this world handing over that poverty to me. I lived with my husband for 30 years in our native village at Kondapeta in Kadapa district by working as a day laborer. My husband died 28 years back and I became a widow without children. Life became tough for me after the death of my husband. I worked in the hot sun to feed and cloth me. Slowly I started suffering from severe knee pain. My eyes started giving me trouble and I suffered regular headache. I found it hard to work. I came to St. Xavier’s Home and live here with human dignity for the past 10 years. We are given nourishing food in time and excellent rooms with cots, beds, blankets and mosquito nets. We have a well experienced nurse under the direction of Dr. Geetha, available at anytime with medical care. I thank FCN and all my sponsors for changing my life from despair to hope with their noble sacrifice and generosity. I am happy to be in this circle of sharing and caring home. May God bless the co-founders of FCN for founding this home.
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