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1. I am interested in sponsoring a girl child, starting as early as this month. How do I start ?
You can do so by visiting our website: www.fcnindia.org. Kindly fill the donation form and mail your check. We welcome you to send your donations directly to our account. You can transfer the money through RTGS. It will be credited to our account directly.

Account Name : Foundation for Children in Need
Bank Name      :  ING Vysya Bank
Branch              : Sanath Nagar Branch
A/c No.             : 320010019004
RTGS / IFSC Code : VYSA0007650

You can also donate online..

2. How is a child chosen for sponsorship ?
We have many children waiting to be sponsored. We have eighteen projects where we support needy children through sponsorship. We do have selection process depending on the project.

3. Will I be provided with information related to the child's family background ?
You will get a photo and family background of the child you will be sponsoring. Your sponsored individual will write twice a year. For New Year and during summer.

4. How will my sponsorship help the child ?
Your donation will provide food, clothing and tuition fee.

5. Can I send personal gift to the sponsored child ?
For New Year we will be providing gifts for all the sponsored children. We invite you to send a small donation for FCN Gift Fund which will provide gifts to all the children. You are welcome to give a small additional personal gift when you visit your sponsored individual.

6. Can I correspond/ visit the sponsored child ?
Yes. You are welcome to write and visit. Each year you will be getting two letters from your sponsored child. For New Year and during summer.

7. Is there any specific age for a child to be sponsored ?
No. We sponsor children starting from ages five or six to college level.

8. Will I receive information regarding the progress of the child ?
Each year you will get a new photo with the summer letter. The letters from your sponsored child will include about the progress especially about education.

9. Will my contribution cover up extra educational needs such as uniforms, books, educational trips... or should I contribute any extra amount for these expenses ?
Your donation will cover good bit of the expenses but not all. It is good support to the parents. We want the parents to take responsibility for the education of their child and contribute a little. If any orphan child joins FCN school near Akkalareddipalli, in Porumamailla mandal, Kadapa District, A.P., we will take care of the complete expenses. We also pay almost all the expenses for semi-orphan child.

10. Is there anything more in this cause, that I can do beyond financial contribution ?
Yes. There are various ways that you can assist us. Depending on your time and talents you can certainly help us in many ways.
You can share about FCN with your family and friends.
You can help us with organizing a program to promote FCN in your work place.
You can help with web designing.
You can volunteer at our school for a month or more.

11. What sort of commitment is the organization looking in terms of the duration of sponsorship?
Sponsorship is an on going support. We will be happy if you can help for many years. A minimum of one year is a must. When a sponsor drops we try to find another sponsor.

12. What are the payment options ?
Kindly see donation form. Yearly payment will be the best option as it will reduce book keeping and keep office work to a minimum.

13. Can I visit the projects of FCN ?
You are welcome to visit FCN projects and our office at Santhnagar, Hyderabad and in Porumamilla in Kadapa District.

14. How much of my money goes to the sponsored individual ?
90% of your donation is given to your sponsored individual. 10% is used for administration and maintaining sponsorship program.

15. How about general donation ?
When you contribute to the activities of FCN, your total donation will be used for the aims and objectives of FCN.

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